Mitsubachi Florentine Statement Flogger
Mitsubachi Florentine Statement Flogger
Mitsubachi Florentine Statement Flogger
Mitsubachi Florentine Statement Flogger
Mitsubachi Florentine Statement Flogger

Mitsubachi Florentine Statement Flogger

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This new Florentine Flogging Set, is based on a couple of Mitsubachi, perfectly matched and balanced to achieve the best handling experience.

Mitsubachi (the Bumblebee) is a flogger based on my Tatsumaki design. I loved this flogger so much that I decided to use its specifications and construction details as a blueprint for most of my other Tatsumaki class floggers.

Each Mitsubachi has 77 tails with a length of 70cm (27.5in). This means that there is approx. 54m (177ft) of real leather just in its tails. More leather cord is used for the bindings, adding to a total length of more than 60m (197ft) of real leather cord for each of the two floggers.

The construction is similar to the Tatsumaki and the design is typical of my productions, with straight minimalistic lines and my signature red on black bindings. The handle is made of real leather panels wrapped around two bamboo canes, assembled using just leather cord bindings.

It feels great, it's strong but has a softness that can only be achieved by using multiple layers of real leather.

The twin bamboo canes design creates an almost oval section that strongly enhances grip and handling. The flogger is perfectly balanced, with its barycenter 5cm (2in) from the top of the handle.

The 77 tails are made from black real leather 2mm (.079in) round cord, wrapped and fixed around the bamboo core using just a leather strip and leather cord.

Each Mitsubachi, along with all my other floggers, is not just assembled, it's actually rigged 100% shibari style, without any glue, plastic, or metal.

The nawashi, the rigger, knows that the rope has to be perceived as an extension of the fingers, not a device or a tool.

I want my floggers to be felt in the same way: not as a lifeless object, but as an extension of your body.

This is the reason why I want my #shibarifloggers to be completely natural: because they'll feel natural in your hand.

The blow produced by the 77 round tails has an awesome mix of thud and sting and the mid-air sound can range from relaxing to rather terrifying when the tails move at the highest speed.

As always, I'm sure you'll enjoy owning and using this premium quality flogger as much as I loved designing and making it.

Total length 92cm (36.5in) approx.

Tails: 77x2, round, 2mm (.079in) black cowhide leather made in Germany.

Tail length: 70cm (27.5in) approx. Total tail length: 54 meters x2 (177ft x2)

Handle: internal panel real cowhide Italian leather, external panel soft nappa lambskin real Italian leather. Assembled using only real cowhide leather cord.

Handle length: 22.5cm (8.85in) approx.